October Shine Award Winner Announced

Valley’s SHINE Award

Isaak Booher

We are very excited to announce that Isaak Booher is Valley’s October recipient of the SHINE award for the 2019-2020 school year. Our Character Education program is a key component to helping our students understand what it means to lead and to be good citizens. Every month, we honor one student who consistently demonstrates two or more pillars of character which are: Citizenship, Caring, Trustworthiness, Fairness, Respect, and Responsibility. To recognize these students for their efforts, Beavercreek City Schools has created the “SHINE Award – Highlighting Outstanding Students of Character.”

This is how Isaak’s teacher, Miss Kathy Tipps, describes Isaak:

Isaak has shown citizenship by being a great all around student and classmate. He works very hard in class and always keeps up with his work. Isaak is a role model for others because he always tries his best in class. He also models appropriate classroom behavior and classmate interactions because he is very willing to help other students. Isaak is a hard-working and all around great student! 

 Isaak is a very responsible student because he is always on task and knows what he needs to do. He wants to do his best and it shows in his classroom work. He is not afraid to ask for help in order to understand what we are learning. He is also very organized and manages time wisely on his assignments. Isaak is a student I can always go to if I would like a reminder or assistance throughout the day. You can always count on Isaak!

Congratulations, Isaak! We are all very proud of you!