April Shine Award Winner Announced

From her teacher, Mrs. Powell:
"Stella often shows the caring pillar at school. She is always helping other students and is willing to help me as well. She is constantly thinking about her classmates’ feelings and how she can help them if they are sad. Stella is an amazing role model for the “Golden Rule” (Treat others how you want to be treated). Stella has the most caring heart I have ever seen in a kindergartner. Stella is also very responsible for a Kindergartner. I can always count on her to demonstrate responsibility to the class.
She is always following directions and paying attention. She is prepared and eager to learn no matter what. She is always trying her best on her work. Stella is very responsible when it comes to her friends, she is always showing them the right way to do something or will often do it for a friend if they forget. Every teacher needs more responsible students like Stella!"