October Shine Award Winner Announced

Ethan Blackaby is the student all other students look to be with all day long.  The reason is, Ethan is so caring. He does an amazing job making everyone feel like part of the group.  The students gravitate toward him because I watch him make them smile, I watch him include those who are many times left behind, and best of all being by him is a positive experience.  Ethan makes those around him better students and people. Students are more on task in class because of his influence. Other students look to include others because they see Ethan include others.  Finally, Ethan encourages others to be positive just by his own positive disposition.

Ethan is also a model citizen at Valley Elementary.  He is the first to volunteer, Ethan helps in the library, holds the door for those coming to school in the morning, and is eager to help the teachers with any errands or work that needs done.

I have loved getting to know Ethan so far this school year and look forward to watching Ethan continue to make a positive impact in Beavercreek City Schools for years to come.